Our world is adapting to new digitally enhanced ways to communicate, interact, relate, and be informed. As we continue to leverage these digital pathways, we are constantly defining our ability to adapt to new ways of working.

Technology makes a poor master, but a great servant; that’s why we created a simple and intuitive solution to leverage automation and connectedness, without removing what truly makes us human: the ability to relate to one another.

The bzPay™ solution fosters strong trade cycle relationships for your business.

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Multiple devices

Access bzPay™ on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone so you can transact your business whenever and however you want.

Single platform

Enjoy instant connections and a direct way to transact your payments on a single platform with all your established business connections.

Secure payments

Our secure payments solution links all your financial options through a Business Payment System. This allows you to utilise a payment method of your choice.

Simple to use

Register, complete a profile and connect to your business Suppliers or Buyers in less than 10 minutes. Transacting offers and payments takes minutes, not hours or days.

Accelerate payments

Receive your payments the same day, next day, or in 3 or 5 days. Manage your business to leverage a positive cashflow under your own terms.

Innovative accounting

Our innovative payment system enables positive benefits like Buyer’s debts as a payable, no supplier retention on goods and leverageable stock turns. Suppliers remove trade insurance, reduce administrative and debt recovery costs.

Remove Risk

Remove risks in the sometimes-uncertain trade cycle. bzPay™ allows your business to build stronger capital adequacy, improve liquidity, create positive cashflow, remove terms and settlement uncertainty, all while building strong B2B relationships.

Lower Costs

bzPay™ removes the 3rd party costs of Dynamic Discounting and Factoring, lowering any associated costs with the transactions. Our payment solution requires no payment to register, link or make offers, only a single transaction fee when you make payments.

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