Our Vision

Creating a means to enable businesses of all sizes to succeed


bzPay™ brings Suppliers, Buyers and Funding entities together on a next generation payments platform, unlocking positive cash


bzPay™ provides a dynamic solution that empowers businesses to focus on their business roles through a secure payments’ solution.

Businesses frequently fail due to spiralling debt and negative cash flows.

To address this common occurrence bzPay™ re-engineered the Supply Value Chain to support the business to be free of debt and build a positive cashflow business.

Our Core Business Pillars

Help Families

Help families who operate Small Medium Enterprises (SME) by creating a positive cash flow business. Not the negative cashflow business they may currently operate.

Re-balance the power

Re-engineered the power imbalance of the current payment value chain by removing the need for Suppliers to provide finance options to larger entities for extended payment terms

Drive small business growth

Drive business growth through positive cashflow by removing hidden costs and keeping functional expertise in their business roles

Our Values


At bzPay, we acknowledge we are part of a community which values relationships and mutual support. Our passion for the community is what inspired us to create bzPay.


We aspire to become leaders in the field of business payment solutions, we encourage our customers to strive to be leaders in all their endeavours too.


We strive to be accountable in all we do in providing business enhancements for our customers. We support all entities to be accountable to one another in the trade cycle.


Integrity underpins every decision we make at bzPay We are passionate about promoting an ethical approach, and this is demonstrated through our commitment to our values.


The world is changing; so is bzPay. We work hard to create value in the business community through collaborative networks and ingenuity.