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bzPay is a Payment Facilitator that develops new innovative banking and financial products. bzPay’s products are licenced to Issuers, Underwriters and other Financial institutions who adopt bzPay as a new product offering for their customers. bzPay is creating a financial product ecosystem which includes a comprehensive suite of modules to suit SMEs and large businesses alike. We are progressing through a prioritised roadmap driven by market and Global needs, and strategic opportunity

SMEs and the problems they face

SMEs - 99%

of actively
over 2.2 million
actively traded businesses
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$350 billion

contribution to the

5.5 million

people employed

Denis Stollery, the founder of bzPay, practiced as a mediator for 20 years, during which he witnessed the destruction of many small businesses due to cash flow and working capital challenges.

The current products available to fund the growth of small business are inadequate for the needs and requirements of today’s SME’S, and as such often end up causing more financial hardship to the SME business, the business owners and their families.

Removing stress from small business owners and their families is the “higher purpose” on which bzPay has been built. The challenges small business owners face and subsequent turmoil in their families was the driving force behind our founder’s decision to take on the entrepreneurial challenge and commit to bringing bzPay to the market. He was determined to find a solution to unlock cashflow for small business, ignite the engine rooms of our economy and release cash flow from SMEs sales without incurring debt.

This innovative solution is now a product offering called “bzPay.”

The bzPay Solution

The only model which can fund SME growth with

No selling or financing of invoices

No additional provision of personal
assets as security

Commercially viable means for SME businesses to self-fund their growth through:

Improved operating cash flows due to same day payments instead of after 30/60/90 days

Reduction in working capital
debt & related costs

The bzPay solution is a number of platforms, one of which is an innovative payment solution that allows buyers to accelerate payments to their suppliers without the suppliers having to incur debt or have a relationship with any other party than the buyer.

SMEs will receive an accelerated payment from their Buyer which will;

  • unlock their cashflow
  • unleash growth and new employment potential in a positive cashflow position
  • receive new income and benefits

In bzPay, all users will stay in their business box and suppliers are no longer funder/credit provider to their buyers.

The payments platform is one of multiple platform modules that will form part of the bzPay Global Community, which will significantly strengthen and reposition businesses for growth, new employment and innovation potential.

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Russell Good
    Russell Good


Denis Stollery
    Denis Stollery

Executive Director & Founder

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    Shane Kennedy

Non-executive Director

James Balzary
    James Balzary

Non-executive Director
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Our Team

Emma Wyton
    Emma Wyton

Director Of Marketing
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Denis Stollery
    Trent Stollery

Chief Technology Officer

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    Katie Beukes

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    Akshara Shetty

Banking Project Director

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    Taylor Goodall

Software Engineer

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    Justin Branson

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